Name: Ai Shinohara

Non-romanji: 篠原 愛

Age: 19

Height: 5'6

Gender: Female [She/Her]

Orientation: Bi

Relationship Status: Single

Birthdate: May 4th, XXXX

Species: Human

Occupation: Idol

Favorite things: Bunnies, Plushies, Medical-themed items

Least favorite things Greasy food, Most of her fans

♫ "Looking like a compromised suicide ; Keeping all my dreams alive" ♫

Overview Bio

Medical themed idol! Ai has been an idol since her mid teens, debuting in a group called CANDIED-DOLLZ before going solo at 18. She was born with medical complications, but has since overall gotten better. She loves being an idol, but doesn’t care much for her fans, especially the male ones, because of how they view her as “a sickly girl who needs saving”. She plays the part of that persona on stage, but behind the scenes is very feisty and likes to (lovingly) tease those close to her.

Music style wise, think of: Music style wise, think of: Jun Togawa, The Birthday Massacre, Jack off Jill, 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san, Hanayo


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