Kaname comes across as a perfectly put together person. His good looks charm people, and his sweet and calming personality just add to the warmth people feel to him. In his day-to-day life, he's incredibly loved by his staff and patients under his care. However, this persona is a complete farce. He doesn't care about people around him, and despite coming across otherwise, sees it as a job at best, and likes having people at his mercy at worse. He's very sadistic and doesn't really care. He doesn't do this job for the money, but for the power that comes with it. He doesn't tend to form deep connections with anyone, with one exception, Kazuki.


Kaname grew up incredibly priviledged. He came from a rich family who sent him to the best schools. He always had two sides to him-- the external where he was the perfect son, perfect student; and then the side of him that enjoyed purposefully hurting others. He met Hachi and Issei during his school days, and bothered Issei enough to briefly be in a relationship with him until he got bored of him. He graduated with top honors, and went to college with the same high marks. He graduated, working his way up to being a surgeon. Once he got bored, he decided to dabble in crime on his own volition, just to spice life up.


- His official title is being a surgeon, but he does visit patients who don't need surgery, such as Ai.

- Pursues his staff often, especially ones who resemble Kazuki.

- Has a very pretty singing voice.

- Keeps a collection of Kazuki's medical files.

- Actually loves nightlife and likes going out dancing.

- Canonly his favorite band is Soft Ballet.


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