Kazuki is someone who actually holds Kaname’s attention. It was love at first sight for Kaname, seeing Kazuki bashed up in his hospital room. He decided to help convince the people Kazuki was involved with that he was worth letting live, and since then, he’s been glued to Kazuki. He finds him to be the only person who can hold his attention. He is genuinely in love with Kazuki at this point.


Kaname met Ai by finding out through medical records she was related to Kazuki, prompty taking over her total medical care, despite being a surgeon and not a standard doctor. He doesn’t have a real strong relationship to Ai, but likes how his “friendship” with her gets under Kazuki’s skin. He finds it funny to drop hints to Ai that he and Kazuki are in a relationship.


Kaname and Hachi were schoolmates. Kaname has seen Hachi on the streets, and finds him running away from his high society life to be extremely funny, so he decided never to tell Hachi’s parents where their missing son is. It gets awkward at charity events.


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