Name: Jiichiro Kaname

Non-romanji: 叶夢 治一郎

Age: 35

Height: 5'11

Gender: Male [He/Him]

Orientation: Bi

Relationship Status: Single [Technically]

Birthdate: May 22nd, XXXX

Species: Human

Occupation: Surgeon

Favorite things: Kazuki, Skincare, Working out

Least favorite things Boring people, Clutter, Cooking

♫ "My mother never told me, Love is just a bloodsport" ♫

Overview Bio

A well renowned surgeon. He’s often referred to as the “idol surgeon” in his hospital due to his good looks, charming personality, and calming voice. However, all that is a facade to a man who finds enjoyment in gore and murder, seeing humans as little more than things to cut open. He purposely got himself involved with shady people to add a little “fun” to his life.


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